What is ACDS?

Alamo Collections Database System (ACDS) is a debt collections system geared for the enterprise-level debt collection agencies. This system was initially designed for the Alamo Collections Service (ACS) out of San Antonio, Texas, however, after moving away from a simple MS Access Database to a linux-based MySQL, PHP, Apache system it was obvious that this open source project could benefit from the contributions, testing and feedback from the rest of the open source community.

Who is ACDS for?

Bottomline: ACDS is currently not ready for the real-world yet.
If you're a developer, tester or other open source activist, then you may find some good here. This system is currently undergoing significant active development and is not even ready for an alpha release. CVS versions of the software will be available soon for developers and testers...keep an eye out for this. I'd like to clean up the code and get it ready for the CVS machine prior to uploading it to

How can I help?

If you're interested in helping in any way, contact me through, user davisjf00.
Developers, testers, users and plain interest in this project is me so I can stay motivated since their's no financial motivation here...

Current screenshots

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